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We help you gain access to capital market by going public. Initial Public Offerings (“IPO") can be keys for enhancing growth, competitiveness and profitability. Increasingly, these engagements take place across borders.

Nevertheless, most companies in China intending IPO do not have prior experience of this process and it is important to complete a successful IPO effectively. This is particularly important when companies need to expand, streamline or restructure their operations either through IPO or through the disposals of non-core activities/non-profitable business segments.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that provide high-value IPO advisory services to the companies in China interested in raising funds through the capital in Hong Kong (Main Board and GEM). Through our comprehensive range of services, specifically an in-depth financial, commercial and strategic business review, we can provide you the best advice and well grounded opinions on the company's listing opportunity.

Our professionals have a thorough knowledge of the regulatory regime, listing rules and procedures and best practices that enable us to support clients, starting with pre-floatation reviews to the production of accountants' reports and assisting with the preparation of profits forecasts.

Our China offices, in conjunction with the support of our affiliates in the major cities of the greater China region and with its abundant experience in a wide range of industry sectors, are ready to serve your IPO projects.